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I've known owner, Tom Colquitt, for quite some time but had not needed his services until we decided to remodel two of our bathrooms. Tom gave a ton of ideas on what we should do and the most efficient and cost effective way to get there. Rich, the project supervisor, was indispensable! He kept us in the loop daily during the rebuild and he was easy to contact when we had a question. I would not hesitate to use them again!Read More

In 2023, Green House renovated our hall bathroom. This was our third project with Tom, Rich and the crew! In each case, the scope and costs have been clearly defined. Rich manages each project very carefully and keeps us informed along the way when there are inevitable labor shortages or other small glitches. Highly recommend!Read More

We hired Green House Renovation to repair our house after a tree fell across the length of it. The damage was substantial. Tom was willing to work with our insurance company and quickly came to an agreement with insurance on cost to not only repair the damage and make the house beautiful once again. The exterior of our house is made of stone, and an entire corner was knocked down by the tree. We were very concerned that the stone work wouldn't match or it would be obvious that there had been damage there. But the repairs were excellent. They were able to reuse most of the existing stone, and the only thing that is noticeable is the mortar is newer in the rebuilt area than the rest of the house. Throughout the project, Tom would always ask, "what's your greatest concern." I appreciate that he wants us to be comfortable with the process and happy with the results. And we are! Green House Renovation was always communicative, keeping us informed about progress along the way. The work is top of the line- the floors, paint, and trim looks better than it did before. They were knowledgable about every step of the process and completed the work quickly and on budget. We highly recommend Green House Renovation and would work with them again for future repairs or remodels.Read More

We could not be more pleased with our renovation project which was completed on time and within budget. The Greenhouse Renovation team advised us and led us through the addition and renovation of our 1950's urban home. We had already lived here for 28 years, and this project was initiated so we could "age-in-place" in beautiful Decatur. Therefore, we added a bathroom and primary suite; renovated our laundry & office area; updated the kitchen; added a multi-access patio; improved existing spaces; and all of this was accomplished with seamless integration between old and new. Its lovely, functional, comfortable, and true to its mid-century spirit. Our neighbors even commented on the steady and efficient progress. Each and every day, we say to each other: "Don't we love our renovated home!?" We also say: "We picked the right contractor - Green House Renovation." We had a wonderful renovation experience. Sincerely, Connie & Tim MooreRead More

I just completed a studs out remodel of my house with Tom Colquitt and Green House Renovation. This was a huge undertaking, and the first time I'd ever contemplated such a big project. In late 2021 I was fortunate enough to buy back my house, which I had to let go of in the late 1990s and it was in a very deteriorated condition. The house had major water damage and wood rot. The plumbing, electric, heat and a/c were all shot. There was a hole in the side of the dining room wall you could see through, and the house was only fit for the raccoon who had made a home in the attic. I interviewed 12 other companies before settling on Tom. His professional demeanor, integrity, communication and depth of technical knowledge clearly differentiated him from the rest of the contractors I spoke with. I could have lost my shirt, as the house was in really rough shape and I've already got an anxious nature which had me about ready to throw in the towel and walk away from the whole thing. But Tom was thorough in his assessment of the property and the potential risks. His rolodex of contacts made the entire project easy, as I was really struggling with lenders to find the right type of financing to undertake the repairs. He also helped me engage an architect who really listened to my needs. Tom's budgeting, and his Project Manager, Rich's attention to detail meant we came in less than 2% over on a quarter million dollar job. As an independent film producer, I find this to be impressive! Yes, we had a few hiccoughs along the way, as is normal in any kind of job of this magnitude, but at the end of the day I can say I am extremely happy with the way the entire process went. I would not hesitate to work with Tom and his team again, and have absolutely zero reservations giving Tom and his team my very highest and best recommendation! Bottom line. Hire Tom...Read More